What to do with Albert's toothpicks if one has false teeth


Ron David, British Columbia, Canada
H. 4 1/2" x W. 9" x D. 6"; Maytree, turned Japanese toothpicks
Photo by John Carlano

In December '92, I received a turned bowl in the mail. Surface decorate and return. What to do? It was a little on the small side and mounting it would be a little difficult to some delicate chainsaw work. For about four or five years I have been considering decorating a kettle with bumps in a Star of David pattern. Every year I receive these turned Japanese toothpicks from the Wood Turning Center (guess I should send more money) which keep accumulating. The toothpicks reminded me of the Porcupine Quills Michael Hosaluk used on some of his vessels. This is the outcome.<Challenge V